What is the SIRTdiet?

Designed by nutritionists, the SIRTdiet is a dietetic approach supported by scientific evidence, that aims to obtain a quick fat loss, safe and long-term sustainable. It is based on nutrigenomic innovative principles, especially regarding weight loss mechanisms, providing improvements in overall health.

How does the SIRTdiet works?

It is a junction of specific foods, known as SIRT foods (Silent Information Regulation Transcript), rich in polyphenols and L-leucine, that act at the level of sirtuins activation, promoting a significant decrease of fat mass, and the maintenance or even the increase of muscle mass. The big advantage of this therapy is the substantial weight loss without the need of a big caloric restricting, as well as the maintenance of a good satiety state throughout the day.


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Who can do the SIRTdiet?

Anyone can do the SIRTdiet, and will experience improvements in overall health. This approach intends not only to obtain results in weight loss, but also to improve associated diseases such as diabetes, dyslipidaemia, arterial hypertension, among other cardiovascular diseases. Besides, regular physical activity practitioners will also see the potential results, especially when it comes to muscle mass increase. Ultimately, there is a dietary re-education, which undergoes a substantial improvement of eating habits, so any individual, even if healthy, can benefit from this approach.

What are Sirtuínas?

Are enzymes that regulate the metabolism, specifically stimulating the burn of fat mass, the increase of muscle mass and the mechanisms of cell repair and rejuvenation. The sirtuins are activated by physical exercise, calorie restriction and by the ingestion of polyphenols. What if in a single diet it was possible to gather enough quantities of this nutrient in order to stimulate the production of sirtuins?

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Does the SIRTdiet run in phases?

Generally, the SIRTdiet presents two phases, the first being the weight loss and the second its maintenance.

First Phase

The first phase is more restrictive and its goal is substantial weight loss, promoting an increase of muscle mass over fat mass. For this to happen, there is an increase in the intake of foods rich in polyphenols and L-leucine, at the same time that happens a restriction in carbohydrates.

Second Phase

Na fase de manutenção, pretende-se que o indivíduo tenha assimilado todos os conselhos de reeducação alimentar e que os consiga pôr em prática de uma forma autónoma, mantendo o peso a longo prazo.

Throughout the whole SIRTdiet process to increase the intake of SIRT foods we suggest that you follow our receitas, with simple and healthy alternatives.

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